Monday, April 21, 2008

Let's take a walk!

"C'mon, Emma, let's go for a walk! It's a beautiful day!" I didn't have to say it twice. She was ready to go. "Do you want to take the baby doll?" That sounded like a good idea. So, she put her baby in the cart, along with a lid to one of her dishes, a spoon, two horses, a plastic cup, three plastic fish and a rubber ducky (evidently all necessary when going for a walk). Then, just before walking out the door, she grabbed a hard hat. This is serious stuff! Down the driveway we went , took a left and began our trip around the small city block that "gramma" lives on. Oops! We took that turn a little too sharp (it's hard to steer with one hand), spilling the contents of the cart all over. Frustration!! Starting to get angry even!! "Gramma" comes to the rescue. Everything now back in the cart. "Do you want to go back?" "Nope". Oh look, there's a lady across the street. We must stop and wave. She doesn't see us, so we must yell, "Hi"! She not only sees us, but comes across the street to visit. This is fun! We show her the doll, and everything that's in the cart. Let's keep going! We turn the corner, this guy has some Bear Statuary in his garden. We stop to talk to them. But, not for long. What's that noise? It's a couple of teen-aged boys going down the middle of the street on their skate-boards. Oh, look! A flower! Cute! We must get down there and smell them! Let's keep going... didn't see that crack,'s ok. We'll just brush the knee off and keep going. Oh, wait! We've been so distracted with everything going on around us. Where's "gramma's" house? "I tan't see it!" Look!! A kitty in that window! "Can I hold it?" "Peeze?" There it is! I see "gramma's". C'mon, "gramma". We turn up the front walk,push the cart to the side and sit on the front stoop. That was quite the "walk". "Was that fun, Emma?" "Dat was fun!"

As I related this little story to Phil (every little detail, because just talking about Emma makes him happy), this thought came to mind:

I'm taking a little "walk" down the "sidewalk" of life. My destination: HEAVEN (my Father's House) You may think that I've taken some "silly" things along with me in my cart, but HE understands that they give me comfort. I've had some frustrating situations when it seems that everything is out of control. But my Father was there to pick up the pieces. I've fallen and skinned my knee, but look at the friends that I have made along the way. There have been some distractions and I thought I had lost my way, but, no.. I'm still going in the right direction. What about the "kitty" and the "bears"? I've even stopped to smell the flowers!!! C'mon! Let's keep going! Isn't this "walk" fun!? You may want to grab a hard hat. You just might need it!!


Cheryl Watters said...

Great comparison, Sue! You should be an author or a preacher. You seem to find good 'sermons' and blog about them. Love ya!

urhis said...

I've found myself in some of those descriptions of our walk through life. I pray Father hold my hand tightly life can be such a trip!