Saturday, April 12, 2008

Let's Party!

Hello again! Now, before you start thinking all those things about me....just let me explain. I say that a lot, don't I? I was asked to speak at our Mother-Daughter Banquet next month. I'm very excited!! We have been using Emilie Barnes' book "The Spirit of Loveliness" in our monthly meetings this year and had a different speaker each time take a chapter of her book and give their perspective on it. In glancing through the titles of the chapters....I started feeling like maybe, just maybe, Cheryl had asked the wrong person to speak at this event. Some of the titles are as follows: "The Spirit of Welcome" (I think I could handle that), "The Spirit of Creativity" (oops...that reminds me of the knitting loom), "The Spirit of Femininity" (we won't even go there..), "The Spirit of Stillness" ( and on and on......until I came to the last chapter and......there it was. The perfect thing for a Banquet!!!! "The Spirit of Celebration". I think I can do this!!!

Here is a quote from the book. "We should be led to God by the joy of our lives as well as by the sorrow, by the light as well as by the darkness, by human fellowship as well as by human loneliness." I love it!!

So.....that's why I say, "Let's party". Not to loudness (although I do contribute to this type of thing sometimes), not to "disorderly conduct" so to speak, but to a "spirit" of celebration that brightens everyday of our life. We ought to live our lives EXPLODING with joy---like we really believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead!

As we prepare to "celebrate" another day in which to worship God, let's open our lives and hearts to Him and let his Spirit fill our lives. Let's "celebrate" HIM.

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Chris & Esther Hilling said...

Excellent, Sue -- I'll be looking forward to your speech!