Sunday, August 19, 2007

Panic Attack!!! Hyperventalation!!! Tomorrow is the day!! We will get in the van (which is loaded to the hilt) to take my "Baby" to college. I thought that I was ready for this, but obviously I'm not. I can't even sleep very well. Is this normal? As you can see in the picture (sorry, it is a little dark) our house was a mess trying to get this little girl ready to go. Why must girls take sooooo much stuff? I hope that her room-mate has enough room for her stuff. Becky did talk to the young girl who is to be her room-mate the other day. They seemed to hit it off. They were talking as if they had known each other forever. That is a good thing (I think). Well, I just thought that I would update, and show you the chaos that our household has been in for a few days. Pray for us as we travel tomorrow. Thanks.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well, once again--A day late. I'm just learning how to do this stuff. I was trying to put a picture of that handsome son of mine on here for everyone see, but, of course I didn't succeed. That's how dependant I am on Becky and Phil. They have to show me how to do everything. Enough complaining. The following message is what I wanted to post.

My Dearest Michael. My middle son. My Friend. My Pastor. Your Birthday was yesturday!!!Happy Birthday to you!!! (I'm singing, but I know you can't tell that unless I inform you of the fact.) I hope that your birthday was a good one. I thought of you all day, and thanked the Lord several times for the priviledge of being your mom. I love you very much. Thanks for being a son that any mother could be proud of. I'm sure your dad is proud of you too, but I happen to be the one writing this. Love, Mom XOXOXOXOXO

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Friends!!! Aren't we blessed? Monday evening we had a visit from some "new" friends that God has blessed our life with. The Coxon Family came over, we had pizza, bread sticks (you know, all that junk that's not good for you), but, most of all, lot's of laughs. Becky, Allysa and Aaron went to play putt-putt golf. I'm sure they did much playing "golf". I heard stories of how the ball had to be retrieved from the pond etc. and also noticed that Allysa had a new hair-do in every picture that was taken (I don't know, I asked, and still don't understand--girls!!!). Late that night, after our company had left, we thanked God for all the people who have been brought into our lives (not only the "new" friends, but also the "old"). Isn't life fun!? Especially when you are serving the "Best Friend" a person could ever have. What a Friend we have in Jesus. Oh, by the way, that happens to be my favorite song. Ok. Now I'm rambling. Time to go. Have a blessed day.

Today was a pretty exciting day around the Arnold house (when isn't it?). About once or twice a week I get the priviledge of watching my grand-daughter, Emma. Well, today I (well, Becky is here too, that helps) also had a visit from some cute little boys. Some of you, I'm sure, recognize them. These handsome dudes are "The Mayle Clan". They are: Zachary, Dakota, Justice and Tyler. As you can see, Emma was thouroughly enjoying there company. As always when you have a "bunch of boys" around; eating is a must. I am having a good day. Is it because having all these children around remind me of the days when there were several little ones of my own running around? Probably. Well, I just thought you might enjoy these photos. Hope you did.

Friday, August 3, 2007

This is us!

This is us! Grandpa and Grandma Arnold, thanks to Miss Kadence Emma Arnold.
After raising three boys and a daughter, (who is still a piece of work in process), I never expected that parenting could be so "grand".
That little granddaughter brings a twinkle in my eye and I can't help but chuckle just thinking about her. Of Course Grandma Arnold has a lot of love to give her too.
Yes of course we are proud of all our children and children in laws, not just our little Emma.
Okay, I admit it. It really is all about her.

Emma's 1st Birthday

July 29, 2007, our first grand-daughter's 1st birthday. What a fun day! We gathered at Jordana's parent's house to celebrate. Someone must have told Emma that that day was "all about her", because she seemed to know that all eyes were watching her every move. Our little social butterfly certainly enjoyed every minute of that day, from the food (fried fish, tater tots, cole slaw, pasta salad and "dirt". Of course I mean that wonderful dessert made from chocolate pudding and as you're eating, you run across gummi worms. If you're name is Seth Arnold you complain loudly everytime you find one. Anyway, back to little Miss Emma. She wasn't too impressed with the birthday cake (which was a cute little fish). Maybe it was because she was expected to "dig" in with both hands. Isn't that what all one-year-olds do on their 1st birthday?
Well, not our Emma. She wanted a fork. Not to feed herself, but to feed her daddy. We got a big laugh out of that. Her mother had taken her clothes off in anticipation of a layer of cake on Emma, but that didn't happen. What a unique, wonderful creation. We love her, in case you haven't figured that out. We have added a few more pictures that were taken on that day. I hope you all enjoy them as much as we have.