Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Today was a pretty exciting day around the Arnold house (when isn't it?). About once or twice a week I get the priviledge of watching my grand-daughter, Emma. Well, today I (well, Becky is here too, that helps) also had a visit from some cute little boys. Some of you, I'm sure, recognize them. These handsome dudes are "The Mayle Clan". They are: Zachary, Dakota, Justice and Tyler. As you can see, Emma was thouroughly enjoying there company. As always when you have a "bunch of boys" around; eating is a must. I am having a good day. Is it because having all these children around remind me of the days when there were several little ones of my own running around? Probably. Well, I just thought you might enjoy these photos. Hope you did.


Michael & Ruth Anne Arnold said...

I hope that you didn't sneak away to write this blog while the boys were still there. That is disaster waiting to happen. I bet Emma loved all of the action.

urhis said...

Emma is enchanted for sure. What a nice family.