Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Friends!!! Aren't we blessed? Monday evening we had a visit from some "new" friends that God has blessed our life with. The Coxon Family came over, we had pizza, bread sticks (you know, all that junk that's not good for you), but, most of all, lot's of laughs. Becky, Allysa and Aaron went to play putt-putt golf. I'm sure they did much playing "golf". I heard stories of how the ball had to be retrieved from the pond etc. and also noticed that Allysa had a new hair-do in every picture that was taken (I don't know, I asked, and still don't understand--girls!!!). Late that night, after our company had left, we thanked God for all the people who have been brought into our lives (not only the "new" friends, but also the "old"). Isn't life fun!? Especially when you are serving the "Best Friend" a person could ever have. What a Friend we have in Jesus. Oh, by the way, that happens to be my favorite song. Ok. Now I'm rambling. Time to go. Have a blessed day.

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