Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wonderful Week-End!!

I know that it has been quite awhile since we have posted anything on our blog. Maybe that's not so very important to some, but there HAS to be SOMEONE out there who is interested!! I seem to have been living at Hobby Lobby lately. They have been working me many hours, for which I am grateful (most of the time). It IS helping out with finances at this time of year. Thank the Lord for a job that I enjoy (most of the time). I really do love interacting with all the customers. Maybe that's because I love people, or maybe I like to talk. You figure that one out.
Anyway, I requested last week-end off, and my boss graciously abliged. Friday (Dec. 7) was Becky's 18th birthday, so on Saturday Phil and I (along with my father, Cheryl Watters, Amber Plemmons and Ashley Frye) made our way to the Big City. We managed to fit a lot in. We went out to eat before and after the school's big pageant. We do like to eat!!! We met some new friends, and met up with some we already knew. What a wonderful time we had!!! We celebrated Becky's birthday and her friend, Sam's as well. We thouroughly enjoyed the pageant. It was a time of, not only reflection on the Birth of Christ, but of basking in the Holy Spirit's presence while enjoying the talents represented that night! How thankful we are that He came as a Babe in a Manger, died on the Cross, rose again, ascended into Heaven where he is preparing a Place for us. For He WILL come again to receive us unto Himself. During this very busy time of year, among all the hustle and bustle of shopping, wrapping presents, the programs , and let's not forget the FOOD, let's remember why Jesus Came in a Manger. Merry Christmas to all!!!


Leah said...

Any pictures to share from the weekend?

Karalynne said...

Sounds like you had a really great weekend! We sure did miss you tonight at our party! Stop in and see us sometime!

Cheryl Watters said...

We packed a lot of fun into that weekend, didn't we? Did you mention that you like 'to eat'? Should I tell them about the chocolate fudge that you LOVED? We won't mention the peanut butter fudge... (It was delicious)

Sharalyn said...

We got to go down for the Friday night performance, however; we had to turn around and come back home early Saturday afternoon. It truly was awesome. Too bad we couldn't have been down there at the same time.
Love ya' all,