Monday, December 31, 2007

Facing a New Year!!

Well, 2007 is almost over! Just a few more hours left (which I may spend sleeping, since I have to go to work in the morning). What a year!!! When I look over the past year, and all that has taken place in our lives here in the Arnold home, I am amazed at how God has blessed and helped. The beginning of 2007 found us faced with the knowledge that my mother's days were numbered. She was diagnosed with cancer. What an emotionally roller coaster ride her illness was. Thank the Lord for Hospice. They were a great blessing during this time. Becky was in her senior year of high school. There was a gratuation open house to plan. A school trip to Arizona. Then, in June, a wedding!!! Our second of three sons found his "true love", Ruth Anne, and they had a beautiful wedding. Before we could blink, it seemed, summer was here. We did have a nice summer, although a lot of it was spent preparing to send our "baby girl" off to college. God has truly blessed her and continues to supply every need!!! God has blessed me with a job, that also allows me some days off. Of course I try to spend those days off with our beautiful little grand daugher, Emma. Phil is still working at the dealership and we are just trusting God to let him know if and when it is time to move on. As the holidays were approaching, I found myself almost "afraid" might I say, to face these times. I have never had a Christmas without my mother. How would I make it through? But I must say that our Christmas was wonderful!! I am sooo thankful for my husband, my children, my grandchild, my father (and his new lady friend), our "old" friends, our "new" friends, but most of all,Iam thankful for my Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. I Love Him!! And I amazed at the many ways that He has chosen to show His love for me this past year. I Serve a Living Savior!! I am thankful for the challanges that I faced in the year 2007 and I am looking forward, with anticipation, to what God has in store for us in 2008. Isn't serving God exciting!!! Happy New Year!!!

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Cheryl Watters said...

Great Post, Sue! I can see that God has taken you through the good and the bad times and you have been victorious. I love your family and I am glad to be called your FRIEND.