Monday, November 12, 2007

Our Pastor

The month of October was designated as "Pastor Appreciation Month". Just let me tell you about MY Pastor. He just happens to be my middle son, Michael. If I would tell him the following things in person, he would say, "Oh, Mom. Stop it!". So, here goes. MY Pastor is the best in the world. Surprised?? I know this because, I know him. When Michael takes on any responsibililty, he dives in head first. He takes his responsibilities seriously, and He believes that when God commanded us to "go into all the world", it's simple, we must. He takes his role as "Pastor" very seriously. I know that when he delivers a sermon he has spent many hours in prayer and preparation, and then he delivers what God has put on his heart with Love and Compassion. The congregation of our church tried to shower Michael and Ruth Anne with love for the ENTIRE month. I think we may have "smothered" them a little bit, though. They didn't get many "free" evenings. They were invited out many times, sometimes to a fancy restaurant, sometimes to a home and sometimes just for ice cream. They, also received some gift cards, but, most of all, I hope they felt our love and appreciation.
Yesturday morning we decided to embarass them (just kidding) by having them sit right up front where everyone could stare at them. The children had made cards for Michael and Ruth Anne, telling them how much they love them. They told them how smart and pretty they were too (I think they meant Ruth Anne was pretty). Cheryl Watters had some poems that she read and some people stood to tell of their appreciation. Then, as our Pastor and his wonderful wife stood at the front, we all filed by to shake their hands and give many hugs.
We love you Michael and Ruth Anne and we are glad to have your leadership.

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Cheryl Watters said...

Great post, Sue! I think we did embarrass them, but we didn't try to (intentionally). We just love them and appreciate them, and how best to show it than set aside a few minutes and just tell them. Thanks for posting.