Sunday, November 11, 2007

Best Friends Evening Out

Friday evening was a rare and wonderful one indeed!! It's the first Friday that I have had off of work in forever. I had missed my best friend's birthday, because I was working, so we (Cheryl Watters and I) decided to celebrate Friday. The beautiful town of Tecumseh (where I live) was having it's official "Turning on of the Lights". They make a great big "event" of it. The shops are open late, you can go from shop to shop collecting recipes (By the way Cheryl, I left mine in your car). and listen to Carolers singing Christmas songs. Just in case you would get cold, which we did, they had barrels on the main four corners with nice warm fires in them. We stood around them and drank our coffee. Well, Cherly didn't, she doesn't drink coffee. She doesn't know what she is missing!! While we were there, we happened to run into her son, Jason and his wife and daughter, Katie. They walked around with us, which was nice, then Jason was my drinking buddy. (You know what I mean. Coffee-drinking buddy!!!) We had a wonderful time. I think our favorite store was the store upstairs, above the Daily Grind. It was beautifully decorated with all Christmas!!!! The Holiday Season is such a fun, wonderful time of the year, isn't it? We can get so busy with the hustle and bustle of it all that we could easily forget the important things in life, such as wonderful friends and family. Thanks, Cheryl, for being my "Bestest Friend" in all the world for the past 20 yrs. or so. Happy Belated Birthday!! You're the greatest!!


Leah said...

I loved the pics!
Thanks for sharing about your evening. I would have thoroughly enjoyed drinking coffee with you too! :-)
There's nothing like TRUE friends!

Cheryl Watters said...

That was SOOOOOO fun. You can always tell a true friend when you can get together and pick up right where you left off from your last conversation and it was as if you never were apart. Even though we go to church together, our lives are so busy, but I LOVED the Friday night excursion. Thank you for sharing some time with me.

Becky Arnold said...

I still can't believe you guys went without me! That is so wrong on every level! :-) Oh, well, I'm still glad you guys had so much fun! Love Ya! Can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving!!