Friday, January 11, 2008

Help!!! Christmas is over!

I decided that, since I was in the middle of removing Christmas decorations, (and my sister and her son stopped in for a visit, you know, extra help, how dare I!) anyway (I think I'm having trouble focusing tonight, so please bare with me). Now, what was I saying? Oh, yeah, I decided that it was time to rearrange the furniture in the living room. Phil isn't too excited about me doing such things. He says that he doesn't dare enter the living room without turning on a light. He thinks that he may end up on the floor. He'll adjust I'm sure. Well, here are some pictures of my living room. They turned out a bit dark, but you'll get the idea, I'm sure. I have to say that I am having some trouble with this "after holidays" blues. Now, I wouldn't say that I have much trouble with depression, it just seems like for months things were in a whirl. Lots of hours to work, shopping to try to fit in, friends and family to visit, Christmas decorations to put out, gifts to wrap, meals and snacks to plan, people stopping by, food to cook, busy, busy, busy. I loved every minute of it. Did I sometimes get a little tired? Of course. But I seem to thrive on busy-ness. The more people I have over, the more food I can cook, the better I feel. seems that, all of a sudden, everything comes to a screeching halt. I almost feel like I've run into a brick wall. What do I do now? Couldn't SOMEONE come over? (Let me know, so I can cook.) Ok, I feel better. Thanks for letting me vent. I'll be alright. Sunday is just a few days away. I can't wait to cook a big meal!!! What sounds good? Any ideas?


Cassie Bolyard said...

Meatballs for Sunday dinner would be nice. Oh and can you deliver them? Chris

Cheryl Watters said...

Did you want to come and help me get my house in order? I have my decorations in boxes, but with my back out I can't move them. My tree is still standing until I get some boxes for it. My house is almost back to normal (whatever normal is). Did you say you want company? Hmm - I wonder when I could get away? Just Kidding!

Karalynne said...

Pretty much anything would sound appetizing except for deer heart or liver!!!