Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We're still here!!

We're still here!! It sure has been a busy few months. Just to let you know, Becky is doing fine at college. We went down there a few weeks ago to see her. She has had a little trouble with "home-sickness", but I think she may be through the worst part of it. With Becky, as long as she is staying busy (very busy) she seems to be fine. I think Phil and I are doing alright, too. I know that I had left all of you thinking that I was going to have a major break or something. That's just how dramatic I can get!! We're are actually adjusting to the peace and quiet. Yes, there is some of that in the "Arnold Household". I do my best to dispell of that "quietness" whenever possible. We look forward to Sunday afternoons, when we usually have some, if not, all of of our children and their spouses to dinner. Oh, I can't forget, our grand-daughter, too. She's only one little tiny girl, but we all know she's here. She is a joy to have around. Emma has succeeded in successfully wrapping Phil around her teeny, tiny finger. She is saying many words, and seems to be doing or saying something "new" every time we see her.
It does seem as though the "enemy of our soul" has been disturbing "us and our's" with some oppression as of late, but I am thankful that our God is Good. He fills us with His peace, contentment and the wonderful "Joy" that we can have in serving Him. Once, again, "The Devil is Defeated Again". Praise His Wonderful Name!!!!!
We have, finally, found a cord that will enable us to post some more pictures. So, be patient, pictures will be arriving soon!!!


Michael & Ruth Anne Arnold said...

Nice to finally hear from you again.


Hello, Kettle, this is Pot. You are black.


Sarah said...

Hey how was your vacation *SMILES*