Thursday, July 26, 2007

Emma's dedication ceremony

Emma was dedicated to the Lord at the Adrian Lower Light Church, by her pastor (who just happens to be her Uncle Mike). She slept through the whole thing. This is probably a good thing. She happens to be a pretty busy little girl (she is Seth's daughter you know!).


Michael & Ruth Anne Arnold said...

I didn't know your blog was up and running until I looked at Becky's. It looks really good. I just happened across that picture yesterday and wast thinking again about what a honor it was for me to participate in that.
- Michael

urhis said...

Great start on you blog, Sue & Phil. I know you will have a unique blog. Blessings, Phillip & Cathy Avery

Sarah said...

Looks like a great start. I will have to check back often because I'm sure you will always have something interesting to say

Love ya!